12 Gallon Sharps Bank

Biohazard Waste Containers

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  • 12 Gallon Sharps Bank


    Sharps Bank Features:

    • Sturdy Corrugated Construction
    • Up to 70% less expensive than plastic containers
    • Handle design and location promotes safe handling
    • Square, flat bottom reduces the chance of tipping
    • Three-walled construction provides puncture-resistant containment of contaminated waste
    • 3 mil liner provides leak resistance
    • Extra wide opening for safe, convenient disposal of contaminated waste
    • Two flap configuration protects contents from spilling
    • Ships and stores flat for space-saving storage
    • Made in the USA using recycled materials

    Shipping Dimensions:
    Qty/Case: 15

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  • Biohazard Bench-Top KeeperTM – Disposable Non-Rigid Lab Waste Containers


    Solving the Problem of Lab Contaminants Left Behind

    A contaminant-free lab is critical. However, even under the best of conditions, contaminants can be inadvertently left behind. It doesn’t matter if you use disposable bags or reusable containers. Harmful contaminates can remain on metal stands and reprocessed bins, pails and cans. What is our real solution to this real problem? The Whitney Medical Solutions’ Biohazard Bench-Top KeeperTM!

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  • Disposable Floor Model Biohazard Containers


    The convenient and economical solution to lab contaminant elimination

    Large projects frequently involve significant amounts of potentially biohazardous material. Biohazard contaminants left behind in the lab are a sizable danger. It’s critical to make sure your lab is clean and safe when the testing is done and you’re ready to move on to the next big project.. What is our real solution to this problem? The Whitney Medical Solutions’ Biohazard Keeper – Floor Model.

    Collect and dispose of biohazardous lab waste conveniently and economically in the Biohazard Keeper Floor Model with its unique wide-mouth Reclose-A/ Remove-A-LidTM cover.  The ingenious cover allows you to reclose the container during use to reduce odors and mess, or you can remove the lid entirely. The wide-mouth opening allows you to dispose of large items, or entire racks of tubes or pipet tips at once.

    Biohazard Keeper – Floor Model’s sturdy corrugated construction offers strength, and the 2 mil red plastic liner provides leak-resistance. Dispose of non-sharp biohazardous lab waste, including petri dishes, tubes, plates, pipets and pipet tips, specimen cups, and tubing sets. Printed with orange biohazard symbols the carton’s warnings are printed in English and Spanish for added safety and convenience.

    When the container is full, a separate flap can be folded over the top to permanently close the container for final disposal. The Biohazard Keeper – Floor Model stores flat, conserving your storage space, and it can be easily assembled in seconds.

    CAUTION: Not a sharps container-do not use for disposal of contaminated sharps.


    Qty per Case: 6

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  • Pipet KeeperTM – Disposable Lab Pipette & Tips Collection Containers


    Lab Contaminants have no Place to Hide in our New Longer-design Solution

    Dispose of long, contaminated items like pipettes in Whitney Pipet KeepersTM

    Sometimes the right tool for the right job is too long to dispose of easily after use.  Biohazard contaminants left on these tools can be a sizeable danger. 

    Features & Benefits of Our Paperboard Pipette Collection Containers

    • Whitney Pipet KeepersTM easily and conveniently collect biohazardous waste right at your workstation.
    • Priced lower than sharps containers, Pipet Keepers are suitable for non-sharp disposal such as non-broken pipets.  
    • Pipet KeepersTM are readily disposable, making it easier to maintain high lab standards.
    • Pipet KeepersTM are made of sturdy, poly-lined paperboard printed with orange biohazard symbols.
    • Self-locking tops keep contents safely enclosed and re-closable flaps make the Pipet Keeper easy to use whether you are right or left handed.
    • Pipet Keepers store flat – requiring far less space than rigid plastic containers and the interlocking flaps make them easy to fold into shape.
    • Pipet Keepers are liquid-resistant with a plastic lining to hold a moderate amount of liquid. 
    • Autoclave contaminated materials inside the container and dispose of container according to your local, state or federal regulations.

    Qty per Case: 50

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  • Safe-KeeperTM Container – Hanging, Disposable Biohazard Waste Container


    The Tight Space Solution to Eliminating Contaminants Left Behind


    In modern laboratories, workspace is at a premium. More technicians, equipment and increased workloads don’t necessarily mean safety has to be sacrificed, especially when it comes to dangerous biohazard contaminants that may be left behind in the lab. What is our real solution to this real problem? Whitney Medical Solutions’ Safe-KeeperTM.

    Save Workspace and Money with our Safe-KeeperTM Container


    Dispose of biohazardous waste and save valuable bench top space with our hangable and leak-resistant Safe-KeeperTM. Lab technicians can collect biohazardous waste right at their workstations without cluttering bench tops.

    Our Safe-KeeperTM hanging waste containers are great for disposing of:

    • capillary tubes
    • pipet tips
    • swabs
    • stir rods
    • and other contaminated items

    Be Worry-Free with Our Sturdy Disposable Hanging Biohazard Waste Containers


    Made of sturdy plastic-lined paperboard and prominently labeled with orange biohazard symbols, the Safe-KeeperTM has a unique solid-bottom design, unlike other look-alike products. The solid bottom construction keeps contents from leaking or falling out. When full, the Safe-KeeperTM can be autoclaved or incinerated with contaminated materials inside the container, then disposed of according to local, state or federal regulations.

    Save Space & Keep Lab Areas Neat with Safe-KeeperTM

    Safe-KeeperTM are shipped flat to save space and set up easily for use.


    Hangable with Hook-UpsTM by Whitney (included and also sold separately):


    Every carton of Safe-KeeperTM comes with a self-adhesive “Hook-UpTM”, a handy hook to hold your Safe-KeeperTM off the bench to save bench space.


    Hook-Ups are also available separately suitable for whatever you need to hang: keys, lab coats, goggles, etc.  (Order below).

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