Iso-TrayTM disposable phlebotomy tray


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  • Iso-TrayTM disposable phlebotomy tray


    Iso-TrayTM — Draw Blood in Isolation Rooms Safely


    Iso-TrayTM is a disposable phlebotomy tray for carrying blood drawing tools and accessories into isolation rooms where contamination risks are high.

    The Iso-TrayTM was designed to be disposable–compatible with Aseptic No-Touch Technique (ANTT) protocols– reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection.

    Iso-TrayTM, don’t guess what you need, take it with you!


    The design of the Iso-TrayTM allows you to carry all the required supplies, lowering the number of times phlebotomists need to enter and exit an isolation room.  

    The easy to assemble tray can carry 10 blood test tubes, 2 blood culture tubes and everything required to perform procedure of drawing blood.

    Features and Benefits


    • Iso-TraysTM are central for all blood drawing supplies.
    • Everything you need for drawing blood in a container that can be placed in the isolation room for returning usage or disposed before leaving.
    • Reduces the risk of contamination by lowering the number of times phlebotomist need to enter and exit the isolation room.
    • 10 dedicated spots for blood sample tubes
    • 2 dedicated spots for blood culture tubes
    • Iso-TraysTM store flat – requiring less space and the interlocking flaps make them easy to fold into shape.
    • Iso-TraysTM are made from sturdy paperboard, a renewable resource.

    Qty per carton:  25

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