Broken Glass KeeperTM – Floor Model – Dispose of Glass Safely

The Solution to Containing Non-biohazardous Broken Glass


Broken glass is a danger to rubber gloves, skin, ongoing tests and anyone in the lab. Safely collecting and storing non-biohazardous broken glass is critically important. What is our real solution to this real problem? The Whitney Medical Solutions’ Broken Glass KeeperTM – Floor Model.

Dispose of Non-Biohazardous Broken Glass Safety & Conveniently


Decrease the risk of injury from non-biohazardous broken glass and other sharp objects by segregating them from non-sharp waste, safety collecting them in the Broken Glass KeeperTM. Easy-access collection containers make it convenient to safely dispose of non-biohazardous broken glass from your lab. Keep your lab technicians safe with our disposable lab waste containers.

Features of our Diposable Non-Biohazardous Broken Glass Containers


  • The Broken Glass KeeperTM – Floor Model features a sturdy corrugated container lined with a clear, thick plastic bag, and is prominently marked with broken glass symbols.
  • The carton’s warnings are printed in both English and Spanish for added safety and convenience.
  • A unique Reclose-A/Remove-A-LidTM allows you to reclose the container during use to reduce odors and mess, or you can remove the lid entirely.
  • A wide-mouth opening easily accommodates disposal of large items.
  • Inner flap seals the lid when the container is filled.
  • Containers ship and store flat, saving valuable storage space and easily fold together for use.

Who Needs Our Disposable Broken Glass Containers?


The Whitney Broken Glass KeeperTM also comes in a Bench-Top model for individuals who want to get rid of non-biohazardous glass right at their workstation.

To learn more about our innovative disposable solutions for non-biohazardous broken glass, contact us or request a free sample.


Qty per Case: 6


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Broken Glass KeeperTM – Floor Model


  • Extra-wide opening (Discard an entire rack of tubes at once)
  • Unique Reclose-A / Remove-A-LidTM
  • Thick plastic bag liner
  • Inner flap seals contents for disposal


12″ W x 12″ H x 27″ H


63 liters

Qty per Case:


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 37 × 25 × 3 in


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